65%* of All Startup Failures Are Caused By Co-Founder Conflict or "People Problems"


Our mediation service for founders is both voluntary & confidential.  It is designed to uncover the root causes of conflict, while shifting the focus away from past grievances and toward restoring healthy working relationships.  Our expert mediators encourage both parties of a dispute to work together and create workable solutions that leave the smallest footprint possible on the business.


We have experienced founder conflict, first-hand, and understand how negative of an impact unresolved disputes can have on your business.  On several occasions, we have seen how resolving conflicts early-on can lead to the avoidance of costly legal battles that jeopardize the business.  Let us facilitate a safe space for you and your co-founder(s) to tackle the difficult task of reaching an amicable settlement together!  



Disagreements on Company Vision/Direction  ·  Disputes Over Finances  ·  Founder Exits

Company Dissolution·  Disputes With Employees, Board Members, Advisors or Investors   ·  Customer Issues