Our Founders' Agreement Process Covers the Pressing Issues That Matter Most to You!

We guide your team through a series of facilitated exercises and discussions.  In a group setting, we encourage co-founders to share their deepest thoughts, feelings and concerns with one another.  We investigate your individual motivations and expectations and cross-reference our findings to uncover insights about your team that may prove to be the key to unlocking your fullest potential!

Our Founder Agreement is not just another template form. It is a comprehensive process that was designed to address the personalized needs of your company while maximizing the chemistry and overall performance of your team!

This package includes:

-TWO separate two-hour discovery sessions with your Founding Team

-A legally-binding Founders' Agreement that is tailored to the needs of your new company

Priced @ $1,500 for a limited time!

In this process, we will cover:

Roles & Responsibilities  ·  Equity Splitting & Rewards  ·  Delegation of Decision-Making

Company Vision, Values & Mission  ·  Intellectual Property Rights  ·  & Much More!


Let's Build a Stronger Foundation for Your Company TODAY!

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