The Team with a colleague @ SaaStr!

The Team with a colleague @ SaaStr!


Last night, we wrapped up our involvement at the SaaStr Conference in San Francisco!  We wanted to post some juicy tidbits of information and advice from some of the biggest names in tech for our customers!  Here are a few tips we picked up:

For new founders, be creative about the problem you are solving, but don't be too creative about the business "stuff" (i.e. organizational structure, division of roles) that "stuff" exists for a reason and is proven to work.  

 - Tracy Young (Co-Founder & CEO - PlanGrid)


For new CEOs, one important skill to develop is to learn how to evaluate advice, especially from investors.    

-Sam Altman (President - Y Combinator)


[Company] Culture is something you discover; it is a function of the people you have within your organization.  

 -Joshua Reeves (Co-Founder & CEO - Gusto)


Try not to focus too much on valuation metrics, especially before your Series A round, to avoid undue stress.  Make sure you have a fundraising plan in place, execute on it, and always stay focused on achieving your next milestone.  

 -Elizabeth Yin (Partner - 500 Startups)


And, the piece of advice we think is most relevant to our business:

The team you build is the company you build.  

-Sam Altman (President - Y Combinator)


We hope you found these pieces of advice to be as helpful & insightful as we did!

Wishing you the best,


The Resolution Co.