Christopher Chen, Esq.


Chris was a core member of University of Southern California Gould School of Law's highly-selective Advanced Mediation Clinic.  During his tenure, Chris handled over one-hundred different types of disputes, where he achieved settlement in over two-thirds of his cases.  Chris currently lives in San Francisco, where he volunteers his time helping local businesses resolve internal conflicts.  In his spare time, Chris enjoys conversing about interpersonal relationship and identity issues with close friends and family.  

JD/MBA - University of Southern California

Active Member of the California Bar ( #302751 )

Court-Appointed Panel Mediator (Los Angeles County)

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Nigel Wylie


Since 2009, Nigel has dealt with a wide-range of internal disputes and dilemmas in his previous start-up roles as Founder, Co-Founder and COO.  As a natural facilitator, Nigel understands how working relationships in startups can evolve over time and has a keen eye for identifying underlying issues that lie at the heart of external conflict.  Above all, he understands that in a fast-paced startup environment, conflicts require action, and time is never on the companies’ side. 

Nigel is passionate about identifying the triggers and root causes of negative judgments and hostility in the workplace that may undermine an organizations’ efforts to build effective teams and working relationships.  Drawing from his past experiences, Nigel believes in creating a safe, open work environment to unlock for true collaboration and collective wisdom within teams.

Currently, he is undergoing extensive training in conscious relationship coaching and intends to use his newfound knowledge to foster a safe environment, where people can continue to evolve their most precious interpersonal relationships.

B.S. Engineering - Purdue University

Mediation Fundamentals Training Certification