Through Founders 360, our coaching service for founders, we help to establish a company culture that rests atop of pillars of trust, transparency, respect and accountability.  


Sam Altman of Y-Combinator said, "The team you build is the company you build."  

Now imagine building a work culture from the ground-up that harnesses conflict as FUEL for innovation and growth. Where there is NO MORE FEAR of speaking your mind when necessary.  Where you, as a founder, can leverage the collective wisdom of your team to make the best possible decisions.  


Ask yourself the following:

Are you providing one another with feedback that helps your team to learn and grow together?

Are you able to talk candidly with your team about uncomfortable topics in a constructive manner?

Have you formed a collective vision for your product or company, but have been unable to realize it due to internal constraints?

Are you satisfied with how your team makes decisions together, especially when there is a difference in opinion?



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